ITG-CEMIS Seminar “Migration and Health”

23 apr
23 april 2019 14:00 – 17:00Toevoegen aan kalender 2019-04-23 12:00:00 2019-04-23 15:00:00 Title Description Location Domus Medica Europe/Brussels public
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Aula Janssen Campus Rochus Institute of Tropical Medicine
St-Rochusstraat 43-45
2000 Antwerpen

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Migration is an increasing global public health priority associated with considerable health impacts. Migrant and ethnic minorities experience a range of diverse health needs influenced by their legal and socio-economic situation, which may challenge health systems, policies and practices in receiving countries. 

The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) and the Center for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CEMIS*) of the University of Antwerp jointly organize an interdisciplinary seminar for academia, service providers, and policy-makers to reflect on current research gaps, future research needs, priorities and obstacles. The aim of the seminar is to bring in your perspective and reflect on future research initiatives. 


  1. Lived experiences: Testimonies by recently arrived migrants in Belgium: what are their health needs and experiences with health care systems? (Moderated by Dr. Charles Ddungu, prevention worker, HIV-SAM project: HIV prevention and sexual health promotion for sub-Saharan African migrants in Flanders, ITM). 
  2. Critical overview on the organization of healthcare for migrants, health policies, and related research in Belgium (Dr. Marie Dauvrin, Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Center 
  3. Research on risks and vulnerability among sub-Saharan African migrants living in Europe linked to mobility (Dr. Christiana Nöstlinger, ITM) 
  4. Barriers to HIV care for undocumented migrants? Experiences from the HIV/STI clinic at ITM (Erika Delporte and Dr. Ilse Kint) 
  5.  In a concluding panel-discussion, the audience will have the opportunity to discuss (unmet) health needs of migrants and ethnic minorities in Belgium and the possible role of ITM and other stakeholders in increasing the evidence-base and improving services.. 

This exploratory seminar is a starting point for more exchange, networking and follow-up on selected migration-related themes, such as mental health, poverty and social exclusion. 

Please register before 15 April: 

More info: Christiana Nöstlinger or Guido Vanham